CDM Principal Designer

Posted 2 months ago
ROLE TITLE: CDM Principal Designer Representative

TEAM/FUNCTION: Alliance Wide Engineering & Design

LINE MANAGER: Alliance Engineering & Design Director


 1. Fulfil and discharge the duties of the CDM Principal Designer for the assigned company, in accordance with CDM Regulations 2015, Transpire Alliance CDM Plan, and relevant standards.
 2. Produce, review and maintain up to date, the Management Plan to support discharge of CDM-PD and CDM-D duties under legislation within Transpire Alliance and the relevant participants.
 3. Schedule and undertake audits and reviews as necessary to ensure that others effectively discharge their allocated accountabilities and responsibilities under Transpire CDM Plan (for CDM-PD and CDM-D duty holders).
 4. Promote and support adoption of the TRU Principles for Health, Safety and Wellbeing, as well as the Hierarchy of Risk Control framework, as part of Alliance’s design outputs and project activities.
 5. Support the review of working arrangements to identify and support implementation of improvement plans.

 1. Experience of applying CDM (and other Health & Safety) legislation at an organisational level
 2. Experience of undertaking the CDM-PD role on previous major projects
 3. Experience and understanding of railway infrastructure programmes involving multi-disciplined projects
 4. Strong collaboration skills to work across numerous organisations at various levels
 5. Nebosh Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management or working towards
 6. Degree qualified with professional registration



 1. AMT members/ ALT members
 2. Relevant professional head representatives for participant companies (Arups and OWR)
 3. Key Alliance representatives for CDM-PC, Contractors, Designers, as well as the Alliance CDM Assurance Lead
 4. TRU Programme (Technical Design Authority for representatives of the CDM Client) and NRG/ Route teams
 5. Senior Engineers within the Alliance (as defined in EMP) including CEMs, CREs, PE, DPEs, and PAEMs.
 6. Project/ Design Leads and Integration PM teams within relevant Project Groups


 Create and maintain the Alliance CDM Management Plan to ensure that accountabilities and responsibilities are clear – undertaking briefing and knowledge share sessions as appropriate to raise the level of understanding and awareness across the Alliance.

 Establish supporting processes, guidance, and tools/ systems to aid discharge of accountabilities and responsibilities aligned to CDM-PD and CDM-D duties. This should extend to cover design outputs and associated processes, exchange of pre-construction information, exchange and controlled update of hazards associated with the works and the infrastructure (including feedback to CDM Client and other affected parties), continuous update and timely submission of information pertinent to the H&S File. 

 Ensure agreements in place with NRG and the NR Routes for update and return of H&S information throughout and at the completion of the works.

 Schedule audits and reviews in agreement with the Alliance E&D Director to ensure that evidence supports effective discharge of accountabilities and responsibilities for both CDM-PD and CDM-D duty holders

 Support the Alliance collate evidence necessary to respond positively to audits/ reviews undertaken by external stakeholders, specifically with respect to the discharge of CDM duties, including suitable and sufficient risk control measures being adopted as part of the design process and as part of the works.

 Monitor performance and conformance with KPIs specific to Health & Safety including those for Health, Safety and Wellbeing criteria

 Support collation of evidence of improvements in safety through the design process to justify H,S&W KPIs and to assist close out of project requirements

 Lead identification of key improvement areas as a result of internal and/ or external reviews and audits, and through lessons learned forums, to support production of improvement plans.

 Undertake assigned actions within improvement plans, and support reporting on completion of other such actions related to improvements in Health & Safety.

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