Our process

It is a well-known fact that it takes the right talent to drive a business forward – and our specialist recruiters work with you to deliver a tailored approach to achieve this. With a ready-made pool of highly skilled candidates and a proactive team of consultants, we are able to work on this with yourself, so you can continue to build and grow. Whether it’s a technical director you are after or a weekend warrior, we have the right personalised package for you.

White Collar Recruitment

  • Fission start by listening to the client’s needs and attain a full understanding of the challenges and brief
  • Once engaged, research is undertaken to map the market sector, identifying competitors and any aligned businesses who employ candidates with the expertise and skill set to meet the client’s requirements
  • Fission proceed to find and approach potential candidates both sensitively and professionally, to make them aware of the opportunity available
  • Interested candidates who match the client's brief are interviewed and assessed before a shortlist is selected of those meeting the requirements and cultural fit of the hiring company
  • Support is then provided throughout the client’s interview and selection stage
  • Finally, our experts will manage contract offer and negotiation stages

Blue Collar Recruitment

  • Fission start by detailing the client’s requirements and attain a full understanding of the challenges and brief
  • We will then create a candidate pool based on competency skill sets and certificates
  • Pre-client interviews are carried out followed by disclosure checks and reference checks in order to verify the candidate’s employment history
  • Qualified CVs and teams if applicable are put forward to the client for approval
  • Our consultants then manage the offer and contract negotiation stages
  • Should sponsorship be required, we will arrange this and within this process we promise to manage fatigue and hotels should they be required
  • Finally, our expert accounting team are able to offer advice and payroll options including insurance checks.


A Decade of Delivery


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