So, I am not one for profound metaphors or elaborate…

So, I am not one for profound metaphors or elaborate Linkedin story telling with some convoluted meaning designed to help the reader become more successful but this morning as I drove to the office I heard a story that I am sure someone more erudite than myself can turn into something meaningful.

The story started in a relatively normal manner, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a royal visit to a small radio station in Brixton ….. nothing out of the ordinary there you might think but the real highlight of the story came when a small and unknown DJ, Jevanni Letford slipped Prince Harry his business card and shouted “DJ at your wedding”. Since yesterday Jevanni has received 264,000 views on his twitter content, has articles with his details on most of the major news websites and has allegedly been inundated with booking requests. Whether Jevanni secures the royal wedding gig or not its pretty safe to say that he will benefit greatly from creating his own opportunity.

Obviously if you do find yourself looking for a new job in 2018, you don’t need to go to the lengths Jevanni did, just drop me an email and I am sure we can help.

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