Fission Search, part of the Fission Recruitment Group, are known for their executive search or as it’s also known, headhunting. Fission Search partners organisations who need to fill senior level/business critical and/or ‘hard to fill’ roles. Our search consultants, through their industry sector expertise, can offer guidance on identifying, attracting and appointing the best individuals to meet their clients’ needs.

Benefits of using Fission Search:

  • We find the candidates with a rare mix of skills and provide solutions, not resumes
  • We can offer a veil of secrecy that can be utilised to replace under-performing employees or to approach talented individuals from affiliated companies
  • We can access passive candidates who aren’t proactively looking for a new role
  • Our database is one of the best in the world and offers a truly global reach

What we offer:

  • Fission Search will aim to provide industry mapping and competitor analysis in order to engage clients in a greater understanding of the market
  • You will get a dedicated team who will guide you through the entire process and keep you updated at all times
  • Our team encompasses expert interviewers who will examine candidates before client interviews
  • We can offer psychometric and leadership testing to gain a better understanding of final candidates

The process:

  • Fission Search start by listening to the client’s needs and attain a full understanding of the challenges and brief
  • Once engaged, research is undertaken to map the market sector, identifying competitors and any aligned businesses who employ candidates with the expertise and skill set to meet the client’s requirements
  • Fission Search proceed to find and approach potential candidates both sensitively and professionally, to make them aware of the opportunity available
  • Interested candidates who match the client’s brief are interviewed and assessed before a shortlist is selected of those meeting the requirements and cultural fit of the hiring company
  • Support is then provided throughout the client’s interview and selection stage
  • Finally, our experts will manage contract offer and negotiation stages

Is Fission Search worth the investment?

In short, yes, but of course we would say that! Our process concentrates on your commercial goals, overcoming your challenges and getting the right cultural fit. We believe that it is this focus that delivers the best long-term results and success.

A Decade of Delivery


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