Top Tips on Recruitment from a Top Tipping Tipster

There are many important traits and behaviours that successful recruiters continually portray in their day to day role. A lot of successful recruiters will tell you that you must have tenacity and a real drive to want to succeed in life. Others will tell you that you need a reason, a personal circumstance that has made you want to push the boundaries of your productivity and maximise your potential to succeed. All of this is true, however it is a lot to remember and keep fresh in your mind every day.

I believe there are four key ingredients to becoming a successful recruiter. If you practise these behaviours every day, you are on to a winner!


Calling new clients’ can be a daunting task. The fear of rejection puts many people off making the call all together. Recruitment is all about making calls, building relationships in the industry, networking and getting your name out there. Do not to think about anything other than the contents of the call and what you want to get out of it. The second you have finished planning the call, pick up the phone and show the world you are not wuss, you could sell sand to the Arabs, ice to the Eskimos, you are a wizard in the world of recruitment!


I, myself have been guilty of not logging a call or two in my time (shocking, I know) and be rest assured, it has come back to bite me on the backside nearly every single time. Log every call you make. Whether the call is to a client, candidate, even a receptionist; if you have your notes, you can always pick up exactly where you left off last time.  Any talk of future projects… Log it. Any talk of other people they know in the industry… Log it. The receptionist is going to Majorca for a week… Log it. Next time you call and ask her how the holiday was, she might put you straight through to the key holder, no questions asked. Don’t be baggy, the two minutes it takes to log the call will save your bacon in the long run.


When I first started in recruitment, I was told “Human beings are the most unreliable commodity in the world”. At first, I still had a lot of faith in humanity. I thought this couldn’t be true. I believed everyone was genuine, innocent until proven guilty and all that… I was wrong!! The truth is, there are some amazing people in the world and a lot of honest, trustworthy individuals. There are also a lot of other double crossing, self-centred swine’s, who will let you organise interviews, introduce CV’s to valued clients’ and then ignore you completely from then on. Always make sure candidates are engaged. Get them to write an email to you, send you an updated CV, do some research on the company in question. All of these are methods of minimising risk. If you assume people could be holding back the truth, you will make sure that you are covering your tracks in the appropriate ways.


As a Recruitment Consultant, you are selling your own brand. On a day to day basis, you are building your reputation in your chosen sector, growing your brand presence and instilling confidence in people, that you are the person they should trust. Clients’ can smell fear in your voice. If you are nervous, people can tell. You forget things, miss important parts of a conversation out. Next time just before you make the call, think back to a particularly proud moment of your life. You did that, you made it happen, you are the don. Stick your chest out, straighten your back and love yourself. Know that you can do it and client should be privileged that they have a legend like yourself wanting their business.

If you can remember these four things and implement them into your daily routine, you will go far!

Good luck my young recruitment warriors. Show the world who’s boss!

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