Managing Director

Global Recruitment Solutions Director


He’s an alright kind of guy 😉, loves the egg chasers, loves sport and loves his kids.
Born in one of the most picturesque, quiet and calm parts of the UK. With castles and cathedrals in the backdrop, Mark truly was a lucky boy to be able to run, jump and golf in beautiful countryside.
After moving to Manchester like a North Eastern version of Dick Whittington, he’s managed to work his way up and been able to deliver some cracking projects over the years.
He’s always available for a quick or not so quick chat but be warned it may be end up in true Geordie style with a pie and pea supper and one or two “medicinal pints”.

Professional Life:

18 years as a recruiter and 16 of those years as a Manager, Mark's covered more requirements than the average hospital has served hot dinners and he still loves every minute of it!

Mark gets involved in every sector and is never happier than when he’s rolled up his sleeves and helping people with their short lists and helping less experienced consultants.

He set Fission up over ten years ago with the passion and belief that he could do it better, faster and with the honesty and integrity that would make his hero Bobby Robson proud.