If your dream company looked at your Linked in Profile today, what impression would they get? Your linked in profile could convince them to consider you for a job. You are selling yourself through your profile so convince everyone that comes across it that you are the ideal person to work for them!

Here are some ways to make your profile more professional:

  1. Add a professional profile photo

Ensure you are recognisable, professionally dressed, looking straight to the camera and are against a neutral background. Profiles with display photos like these tend to get 40% more views.


  1. Add a customised cover image

Your cover photo will capture the attention of your viewers make sure its unique, professional and tells the story of you!

  1. Have a compelling headline

This will catcher the readers attention and will make them want to read more about you.


  1. Add a customisable website

Give your viewers the option to learn more about you by adding your own

personal website.


  1. Make sure your contact information is up to date.

Without your current contact information viewers will not be able to get in contact with you about potential jobs. Most businesses communicate via email or phone.


  1. Include a detailed Summary.

The summary is the perfect place for people to learn more about you, make yourself shine!  Be sure to make the start of your summary engaging so that viewers want to read more.


  1. Include all current and previous experience, any skills/endorsements and past education.

This will help businesses see what experience you have and if you have the right qualification for potential roles, the more detail you include the better.


  1. Get recommendations.

Recommendations are incredibly powerful; they are social proof from previous employers/clients/peers. They potential employers/clients see what experiences you have had in the past and what type of person you are which could sway their decision on whether to work with you.

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