Fission Recruitment Services Ltd will take all measures as far as is reasonably practicable to ensure that all employees and sub-contractors are aware of and adhere to the guidelines for hours of work.

    Fission Recruitment Services Ltd requires that all employees or Sponsored staff shall not:

    • Work in excess of 12 hours per turn of duty
    • Work in excess of 72 hours per calendar week
    • Work more than 13 turns of duty in any 14 day period
    • Take less than 12 hour's rest between booking off and on concurrent turns of duty.
    • Travelling each way to and from site should ideally be included in the maximum 12 hours turn of duty.
      However where this is not possible, the travelling time must not lead an overall turn of duty time in excess of 14 hours.
    • Where travelling will lead to an exceedance of the above 14 hour turn of duty limit. LODGING WILL BE REQUIRED IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. This is 12 hours when working for ABC and Amey Sersa.

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